Probably the most common question I get! Unfortunately no. But I can recommend some upholsters near you.
Ultimately the decision is yours. Furniture has a sentimental value for different people. Being a specialist in this field, I am able to tell you how valuable your piece is, and provide a quote price for the repair or restoration. The decision is yours from there.
Yes. This can easily be discussed on the phone. Give us a call today, or send through a quote with pictures.
It depends on several factors like age, origin, maker, provenance, pedigree or condition.

If your item is simply aged there probably is little value to be concerned about.

On the other hand, if you have a Fine Antique that has not been disturbed for the past Century, then you may have good reason to be concerned and the best thing is to restore the old finish.
Typically local Territorians across the Northern Territory request furniture restoration and repair services.

However many interstate customers have contacted me to do commissioned and tailored pieces, which have been organised and transported safely for installation. Feel free to contact me to discuss if this is the best option for you.
Typically no. I do not take on 'built in' work, or fixed work. Over the years, I've found these jobs to be increasingly dependent on the quality of the building structure, as there houses are never square, walls are rarely vertical and corners are rarely 90 degrees. This makes creating fixed or built in furniture difficult to make of high quality without visiting the site numberous times to take measurements.