Elmleigh Reproductions

Antiques of the future!

45+ years Experience

Trained in reproduction furniture making, wood carving, turning and polishing at the respected Rycotewood Furniture College in Essex, UK in 1970.

Cabinet Design

Skilled in creating top quality custom display or bedroom cabinets, to suit any need, décor or budget.

Wood Turning

Expert in wood turning and staircase design, meant to create a statement in any home or office.

Native Timbers

Passionate about sourcing local native timbers to support regional business and industry, in addition to continuing the sustainability of Australian timber.

Professional Reproduction

Specialised skills in furniture reproduction and replication at flexible prices, saving clients time and money.

Custom Pieces

One of a kind, sculptural pieces of furniture, that seeks to elevate the value of a space. Limited only by your imagination!

Modern Fixtures

Integrated lighting, gadgets and tech features in timber pieces of any scale, shape or form. Furniture that can you can engage with, delight in, be surprised by and show off to friends and family.

Restoring Keepsakes

Careful and delicate restoration of much-loved wooden keepsakes, childhood toys or heirlooms to its former glory.

French Polishing

A combination of traditional techniques which accentuate the features, grain and knots of timber to result in a high gloss, deep colour that resonates in a beautifully chatoyant finish. French Polishing is a labour of love, which consists of applying many thin coats of shellac, oils, and buffing methods.

African Mahogany Furniture

Prized for its beauty, integrity and colour, African Mahogany furniture is a highly sought after and specialised skill due to its durability and tough density.

Detailed Joinery

Tailored dovetails and joints structurally strengthen each elegantly commissioned piece, resulting in bewitching and enduring pieces.

Local & Imported Veneers

When moving furniture across Australia, veneers tend to become damaged or peel, due to the change in humidity and climate. Identifying and matching veneers using native Australian and imported timber veneers, help to restore and repair damaged furniture back to its original state.


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