Hi, my name is Nigel Santer!
I’m a passionate, bubbly, warm and slightly eccentric cabinet maker with a passion for fine furniture, breathtaking restoration and commissioned timber pieces. I founded Elmleigh Reproductions in 1995 after immigrating to Australia from the UK, with a dream to brighten the homes and lives of clients across the greater Darwin region, with exquisite furniture.
Witnessing the surprised reaction of clients is a true measure of what I do, and I pride myself on delivering stunning pieces of furniture that have been skilfully restored to outshine what was once previously dull or damaged effects.
I relish in projects that redefine traditional furniture restoration, by creating bespoke hybrid pieces that are fitted out with lighting and technological mechanisms. These commissioned pieces continue to delight families across the Territory and beyond.

If you have furniture that needs a well-deserved restoration or repair, please feel free to contact me. Alternatively, if there is a custom design you wish to recreate or have tailored to your needs, we can work together to determine the best price, outcome and time that this can be completed for you.

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